Environmental Management

Environmental management is more than a plan, its action.

We conserve the natural environment by conducting works to minimise environmental impact leaving a site in as good, if not better, condition than when the works were commenced.

Some examples of our environmental management program include:

  • maximize the use of recycled products and materials.
  • install silt traps and catch drains to improve water quality and prevent erosion.
  • install tree protection zones and minimize disturbance to vegetated areas
  • reinstate disturbed areas to a better condition than prior to works commencing.
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Environmental Management Parkinson Group

Global Mark – ISO Certification 14001-AS-NZS

Environmental Management System

This certification demonstrates Parkinson Group’s compliance to the requirements of specific Australian, New Zealand, International standards or industry codes of practice.

There is an expectation in the community that everyone deserves a clean environment and at Parkinson Group environmental management is more than a plan, its action.

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